Tuesday, August 13, 2013

All Rise! Deception of Decepticon!

The Subject: A Land of No Man's Land! 

Saying god like good people and tolerate each other, why he created satan then? And why he gave permission to satan the seduce human at all time until the last judgement day.

Why god not saying other religion are ok to be guide as a tolerence / humanity between us? When i'm saying it is not nice to interfere with other races & religions, i'm saying it for the interest of others too. Respect each other, be kind to other. But why just us? 

This land is your land, this land also my land. We can share it equally, but there is a thing that we cant share. The way we love god, the way we obey the sunnah and quran. We are not judgeging the heaven and hell for other religion, it is the way of life. 

We do what we like, you do what you like. A simple as that, but why you telling how we are gonna live our life? Because you are saying your god is better than us? You are saying our culture are not the same? Why not you follow our way of life? We do & did a better life than yours

When the goodness and evil created among your religion, did we try to show it better? 

Go to hell and came back! You wont find it others way. This is our world! 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Rise of The Machine! Awakening!

My tryout in english. Please forgive yourself if not entertain by this great writting.. :p

The subject : Pak Lah!

How people get excited and feel they are better than him. Maybe they will make Najib look better then. My opinion are always sarcastic. But Pak Lah still the malay hero at all time. For me, he take risk on Islam Hadhari. He is doing the right thing as a muslim leader and islamic country. But rakyat reject him as all the wise people saying Malaysia is Secular, Malaysia are secular. 

The true Islamic extremist is Tun Mahathir! Not Pak Lah! Tun Mahathir leaving the chinese & indian independant. Helping more malay as a muslim community to the world and make arab's people recpect him more. And his involment in a few war between yahudi / israel and their sidekick partner like america such an idiot at all time. He did saying Bush and son are idiot! 

People get excited when they hear about one malaysia, as a real statesmen as a malaysian too, but how many rakyat agreed with this perpaduan thing? 

The thing is, rakyat dont like Pak Lah policies and ideology of Islamic States by the name of equality among malay and other races. Wasnt about Pak Lah fault! And all the writting from 'kafir' writter make him look bad in the eyes of other. 

I have no interest of backing up Pak Lah on the Awakening book, but as a muslim leader he do and did what he suppose to do. People get the wrong thought and impression about it.

No offence. This is my writting standard! Thanks! :p

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Syiah Di Malaysia oleh @nikabduh

Petikan Tweet oleh Saudara / Ustaz Nik Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz 

@nikabduh: Akhbar serang Syiah. Syiah diam sktika krn tahu akhbar Msia ni hiburan je, bkn prjuang ilmu pun.Mrk kata, klau aku sesat, sekular tak sesat?

@nikabduh: Baguslah lwn syiah dgn fatwa dan enakmen. Tp selagi krajaan tak wajibkan ilmu ugama/akidah melalui ppriksaan awam, syiah akn trus brkembang.

@nikabduh: Apabila muslim tak fham bgmn sumber rujukan ugama diambil,Syiah akn mudah perdaya. Mrk bermain sentimen cinta dan benci. Mlayu suka bab ni..

@nikabduh: Syiah brkmbang sprti Kristian. Cinta mlampau.Atau sprti Yahudi. Benci mlampau. Lbh teruk,mrk gabungkan; cinta ahlul bait dan benci selainnya

@nikabduh: Dunia siber mudahkan Syiah brkmbang. Kjahiln adlh punca 1. Smangat jihad ke2. Ingin perpaduan ke3. Kelesuan ulama ke4. Kelalaian krjaan ke5.

@nikabduh: Dgn penuh insaf, PAS bukan berhadapan isu ahlinya Syiah, tetapi isu ada yg anggap syiah tidak sesat dan sama sperti Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah.

@nikabduh: Faktor dlm PAS adalah krn 1) terlalu mahukan perpaduan umat sjagat 2) Semangat Iran jihad lwn Amerika (??) 3) Jahil hal syiah, bkn hal ugama

@nikabduh: Dlm umno, kurng bising isu syiah. Fktr: 1) umno mana hirau soal ugama 2) dlm umno dh byk sgt perihal sesat 3)Sekular n syiah ni sekandang je

@nikabduh: Demikian pandangan ikhlas saya isu Syiah. Semoga bersama perihatin menjaga akidah umat tercinta. Kekalkan Malaysia dengan akidah ASWJ..